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Functional Work

For most of my 11 years of blowing glass, I have been a Pipe Maker.  Whatever new directions my work takes throughout my life, my roots will always be in that world - and it is a magical one!  I apprenticed with Kristian Merwin (on Instagram as @kristianmerwin) starting in 2008 and left to start my solo career in 2013.  From 2013 - 2018 I competed in several national live glass blowing competitions with a focus on pipes, taking home trophies from many of them.  I have also been extremely fortunate to travel and work with some of the best pipe makers in the world. These days I make pipes just occasionally, either for competitions or when an idea really grips me.  Check out a gallery of my functional work below - and if you want a functional piece, ask your local head shop to carry my work!

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