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Rice Bowl & Sushi Set in CFL Reactive Glass

Rice Bowl & Sushi Set in CFL Reactive Glass


The transparent colors in this set all shift wildly in appearance depending on the light they are viewed under.  Watch the deep orange change to a gold, the warm yellow change to bright pink, and the watery blue shift to purple.  Includes a rice bowl, chopsticks, and a soy sauce dish.
**Please note that while these items are handcrafted to be both beautiful and functional, they are not suited for everyday use as eating utensils. They are made of glass after all, so save them for special meals and occasions. If you treat them with gentle love and care, they will last a lifetime.

  • A note about Sandblasted Glass

    Sandblasting roughens the surface of the glass, replacing it's sheen with that beautiful frosted look.  Sandbalsted glass that is not treated with a chemical sealant or properly oiled will take on the oils from your skin, giving it a patchy look when touched.  Since these pieces are meant to be used to eating and drinking out of, I have not treated them with a gross chemical sealant.  Instead I have polished each sandblasted surface with a tiny amount of either coconut or mineral oil, which will stay in place until the piece is washed with hot water and soap.  You can reapply that protective layer by rubbing the glass with a soft microfiber cloth dipped in foodsafe mineral oil, coconut oil, or whatever foodsafe oil makes you happy.  

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