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Emily Marie

I fell in love with Borosilicate Glass in 2008.  This medium has led me on some exceptional adventures, and I hope to share some of them with you here.  My work is varied and fluid, but always rooted in a fascination with science and a great love of the natural world.  With my work, I aim to spread some of that love to you.  I am based in Salt Lake City, Utah.



I want to make you eat, drink, and live more slowly.  Be a fool for the sensory pleasures in life.  Savor each bite, each sip, each fleeting moment of bliss.  Slow it down, be more intentional, more focused, and steep in your senses - while you can, before the moment passes.

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Functional Glass

No look at modern Borosilicate Glass would be complete without a visit to the wide world of smokeable glass.  Learn a little bit about my roots as a Degenerate artist.

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Emily Marie Glass - 648 S 200 W Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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